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5 Important Factors That Impact Home Loan

June 19, 2019

When it comes to applying for a home loan, the interest rate is not the only factor that you should consider. There are many factors you need to consider saving bucks and time.

Rather than fancy apps, websites and free credit cards, customers look for a few basic features such as flexibility and easy approvals.

Here we’ll run you through the 5 factors that impact your home loans:

Interest rate

There are various home loan interest rate options available such as a fixed rate or flexible rate. In Australia, different banks offer home loans at different interest rates. However, customers expect a better choice of interest rate from banks such as renegotiate rates and yearly review of the interest rates.


Convenience and flexibility is the most important thing one should consider before applying for home loans in Australia. Based on your credit history, you will get higher flexibility in repayment options and interest rates. A number of first-time buyers are there, and they usually prefer to choose banks offering higher flexibility.


A huge amount of fees and hidden charges is the first thing that can put off a customer when they think of home loan. Along with a break up of various fees, consumers believe that there should be a clear idea of advertised versus the actual fees. Based on their repayment behavior, customers usually ask for low upfront fees and modified penalties.


Usually, getting instant approval from banks is the lengthy verification procedure and customers find it hard.  Slow and unprofessional approval processes are usually not acceptable by customers. Thus, it is better to switch to a new and faster loan provider. Customers expect quick approvals from banks without any post-approval surprises with zero fee approvals.


Tenure is directly linked to your home loan.  Longer home loan tenure will give you higher home loan eligibility. It is better to choose a home loan in which you can prepay your home loan whenever you have surplus funds.

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