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5 Questions to Ask Before You Go For PEXA System

June 14, 2018

PEXA, e-conveyancing simply means selling or buying your property online. Online conveyancing allows all type of transactions and payments made quickly and easily. On the other hand, immense documentation work and many physical tasks are involved in the traditional conveyancing services in Melbourne.
When going for e-conveyancing, you should know the below mentioned things:

1. Is e-conveyancing a better option?
The e-conveyancing services make buying and selling of the property easier through online processing. There are many benefits of opting for e-conveyancing services such as:
* No delays in the digital settlements
* You can easily keep an eye on the whole process online
* The process is environment-friendly due to no paperwork.

2. How online Conveyancing and Property Ordinance works?
Any law firm or conveyancer has to be registered with PEXA to offer e-conveyancing service in Melbourne. Thus, make sure you choose a firm registered with PEXA to use the e-conveyancing services. Through online conveyancing, you can easily transfer the property online.
Now, the whole process will be easier and quicker without any exchange of cheques physically. Furthermore, the whole transaction of the property can be done on the same day without any delay.

3. Can you go for e-conveyancing for large transactions?
Yes, e-conveyancing is also beneficial to do multiple transactions. However, there are separate forms that you have to fill for different transactions.

4. What do you need to use e-conveyancing?
To use PEXA system, you need your valid identity proof such as your passport. The identity proofs are essential to complete the verification of the PEXA. Once your verification is completed, you can precede the transaction processing digitally.

5. What you have to pay for e-conveyancing?
The cost is associated with the e-conveyancing services. Just like traditional conveyancing services, the fees charged for the property transaction. The fee is payable to the PEXA system for the property transactions.

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