Who are we.

Being your mortgage broker means we work as the intermediary between you and the bank. Instead of you dealing with lenders and banking institutions, we take this step from you. This way, you get the loan that is specially designed for you and your requirements.

All brokers indeed do the exact same thing. So, you may be wondering what sets us apart from your other choices.

Loans Direct is more than just a broker; we also serve as your private lending specialist. Experienced, motivated, and professional – these qualities are what define our organisation. We aim to continue to grow and bridge the gap in finding the best financing for our customers. We cater to a variety of individuals and groups, including entrepreneurs and businesses.


Here at Loans Direct, we take our duties seriously. We work with borrowers and put together an accurate and thorough loan package to suit their needs. At the same time, we also strive to maintain strong and healthy relationships with lenders. This way, we can keep growing and provide the best options to all our customers. With over 15 years of industry experience, it is easy to see why customers turn to us.

Loans Direct has worked hard to understand the significant aspects of the finance industry. Throughout the years, we have gained the trust of thousands of clients.

Key People

Pankaj Goyal


Pankaj's career spans over 20 years in finance and property markets. With wealth of knowledge in construction, real estate and finance industry, he is the founding director of Loans Direct, before co-founding Cartel Land where he has built an unrivalled track record for successful developments and site acquisitions with turnover in excess of 100 Million per annum.

Chloe Wang


Chloe has experience where it counts. She believes her purpose in finance is to source the best finance solutions possible for every client. She is renowned for being a fast operator, possessing a wealth of knowledge and for her honesty and integrity; making her the perfect representative for any one sourcing any type of home, investment or private finance. Her relationship with Banks and Non-Bank Lenders is second to none.