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5 Important Factors That Impact Home Loan

June 19, 2019

When it comes to applying for a home loan, the interest rate is not the only factor that you should consider. There are many factors you need to consider saving bucks and time. Rather than fancy apps, websites and free credit cards, customers look for a few basic features such as flexibility and easy approvals. […]

How much difference does interest rate make?

June 17, 2019

Borrowing money from bank to purchase a home means you have cash in your hand to buy it but you have to pay back the money along with the interest. The interest accumulates on the principle amount thus it is important to consider the interest rate. Before applying for home loans Australia, make sure to […]

What Are the Risks Associated With Land Banking

June 12, 2019

Are you planning to go for land banking? If so, then you should learn some of the risks associated with land banking before you go for it. What is land banking? Land banking is the process of purchasing the undeveloped small plots of land with the intention of selling it at much higher prices in […]

Don’t Get Bogged down by Numbers, Try a Home Loan Calculator

June 6, 2019

When applying for a home loan in Australia, you might have done lots of research to find the best lender and services so far. Apart from getting home loans, people feel repayment calculations more hassled.  There might be many doubts striking your mind such as What will be the principal and interest for your home […]

Which Loan Is Best For First Time Homebuyers?

May 16, 2019

The moneylenders in Australia offer a broad range of loan options including variable and fixed rate home loans. You may be confused as a first time homebuyer, which one is best for you. To find the best home loan option, you can compare them and find a better loan option for you. The Australian Government […]

When You Can Refinance Your Home Loan

May 14, 2019

Refinancing your home loan means changing your existing loan from existing lender to any bank or lender you choose. Refinancing is rewarding when a lender wants to increase the existing home loan Australia to withdraw some home equity or to get a better interest rate. Most of the lenders offer better deals to attract potential borrowers […]

Effective Tips to Find the Best Mortgage Lender

May 1, 2019

Buying a home in Australia is not easy, as you’ll have to make the mortgage payments for 30, 20, or 10 years. Therefore, when you will buy a home, make sure to find the best mortgage lender. Not only you will get a good interest rate by choosing the right mortgage lender, but you will […]

Why You Should Keep Your First Home as an Investment

February 25, 2019

Are you planning to upgrade and buy a new house? If so, then you might be wondering what you should do with your first home.  Well, it is important to understand that whether it is beneficial to keep your home or selling it would be a better decision. Depending on the location and nature of […]

Tips To Take Advantage of the Real Estate Market Crash

February 8, 2019

There is a real estate market crash providing many opportunities for savvy homebuyers. According to the experts, for another 6 to 12 months, the property prices will continue to fall in Sydney and Melbourne. It’s definitely great news for both investors and first time home buyers. However, it is important to act smart and act […]

Before Deciding to Refinance, Ask These 3 Questions

January 31, 2019

With the changing home loan market, new and attractive deals are coming up. Refinancing is the process of replacing an existing loan with a new loan to get a more competitive interest rate. There are many benefits of refinancing a mortgage and it may sound like a good idea in theory, but doing it at […]

How Much Can You Borrow

January 23, 2019

When buying a home, the first question buyers usually ask is “How much can I borrow?” Reality is most of the lenders are often inclined to loan you more money than you expect especially when you have a good credit score. Thus, you can except as much as you want to buy a home, lenders […]

What Australian Borrowers Need To Know In 2019?

January 4, 2019

Searching for real estate to buy, or lease in Australia? If yes, then without wasting your time any further, you should buy or lease property in Australia. Needless to say, Australia has been the most popular investment destination in the Asia Pacific. The prices of property in Sydney and Melbourne are increasing at a faster […]

Home Loans in Australia: A Foreigner’s Guide

December 26, 2018

Needless to say, having a home in Australia is like a dream come true. Whether you are planning to live in Australia or want to purchase home for investment or as a vacation home, Australia’s sunny shores are perfect. However, buying a new home in a new country can be a daunting process. You need […]

Professional Help can Save Big Bucks on Your Mortgage

December 19, 2018

There are many home loan professionals available in Australia to help customers to find major savings on their mortgage. Are you curious to know about the cheapest home loan rates available across the industry? If so, then you should get in touch with a home loan expert. Although finding a cheaper home loan is not […]

6 Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Broker

December 5, 2018

Indeed, choosing a broker is beneficial to get the best home loan deal. Before deciding on a home loan, ask a few questions to the broker. Have a look at some of the question that you should definitely ask brokers before selecting one – How many lenders are on their lending panel? Different lenders offer […]

Renting A Home Or Buying A Home – Which Is Better?

November 26, 2018

These days, people plan to buy their own home much earlier due to exceptionally low mortgage rates, and exorbitant rentals in Australia. Many individuals are encouraged to buy their own house rather than renting. On the other hand, some have fear of the low or even negative returns from the property. Thus, when it comes […]

4 Must-Do’s Before Buying A Home

November 21, 2018

Buying a house is not a cakewalk. You need to put some serious thought into what you’re buying to make the right purchase. Below certain things are given that you should consider: Know The Motivation For Buying Keep in mind the things that encourage you to pursue buying a home. Whether you are tired of […]

How to Avoid Mortgage Stress

November 14, 2018

Home loan is a long-term commitment and you may have to face many situations over time. If you have applied for variable rate home loan then the interest rate can rise. The sudden increase in the home loan interest rate is one reason of mortgage stress. Mortgage stress is a commonly used term by home […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed-Rate Home Loans

November 6, 2018

Applying for a home loan? If so, then you need to consider numerous factors that can affect the overall amount of the loan and the size of the monthly mortgage repayments. Among the various factors, interest type is one of the most important factors that can change the game. Fixed interest rate and variable interest […]

8 Factors That Can Affect Your Home Loan Eligibility

October 31, 2018

Need to buy a house in Australia? Well, buying a house is a major step in life. When it comes to buying the house, the first thing comes in mind is that how to arrange the finances. A great deal of money is involved in almost every new personal or professional phase of life. Among […]

Applying For Home Loan? Checkout 7 Tips to Choose the Right Home Loan

October 25, 2018

Many people find the home loan process challenging and complicated. By following the proper procedure, you can make the whole procedure simple and save extra cost. Given below are some of the tips that can help you to choose the right home loan in Australia– Do prior research These days, numbers of lenders are available offering […]

5 Tips That Can Help Achieving Your Financial Goals Easily

October 17, 2018

Most of the people struggle to manage mortgage repayments, bills, everyday expenditure, and other unexpected expenses. This problem is common among the existing borrowers of the home loans in Australia. To sort this problem, you should create a budget that can help you to achieve the financial goals and to be mortgage free a couple of […]

What Can Make Your Home Loan Application Knock Back?

October 10, 2018

Rejection of the home loan application can be a disappointing situation. When you have finally decided, which house you want to buy in the property market then declined home loan application can be a major setback in the home buying process. Fortunately, there are several ways to decline the chances of home loan rejection. One […]

Best Ways to Plan Home Loan Down payment

October 3, 2018

Undoubtedly, a home loan is the most convenient way to buy a home in Australia. With the availability of various home loan options, it has become accessible for every individual to own a house. If you are planning to take the home loan in Australia, then make sure to plan your home loan installments. Here some […]

Now, Getting A Home Loan Is Easy Even If You’re Self-Employed

September 25, 2018

Over the years, the loan market has changed a lot and there are many home loan options available in Australia. Earlier, it was difficult for self-employers and small business owners to apply for a home loan as most lenders wanted to see a stable employment track record as a sign of affordability statement to ensure […]

When you need a Mortgage Broker

September 18, 2018

Are you planning to apply for a home loan in Australia and finding hard to find the best terms and rates? If yes, then get in touch with an experienced, competent mortgage broker and get the suitable home loan option. Consulting the Australia mortgage broker is a great idea to get the best deal for […]

To Make Approval Of Home Loan A Breeze, Follow These …

September 12, 2018

The home loan process can be daunting if you are new to the process. However, with some research, knowledge, and determination, you can easily get the home loan. Home loan approval is a crucial step on the road to becoming a homeowner. Here some of the tips are given that can help you to get […]

6 Common Mistakes Home Buyers Should Avoid

September 4, 2018

Buying a home is the largest financial transaction and full of complexities. Many times, homebuyers fail to make a good purchase decision. Given below are some of the common mistakes that homebuyers usually make: Not having any guarantor or a deposit While applying for a home loan in Australia, you should have a minimum 5% deposit […]

Fixed Or Variable: Which Home Loan Interest Rate Is Better?

August 30, 2018

While searching for the right home loan, you might have come across the terms such as fixed rate and variable rate home loans. Certainly, it is more important to understand these terms before going for any of them. Fixed Versus Variable In the fixed-rate home loans, the interest rate on your loan remains the same […]

Tips to find the Home Loan with the Best Interest Rate

August 22, 2018

Have you finally decided to buy a home in Australia? If so, then you are expected to make the right decision about the home and the ways to finance it. With some efforts, you can find the home loan with the best interest rate. To make it much easier for you, here certain points are […]

Get Loan Calculator to Calculate Home Loan Related Financial Figures

August 16, 2018

Buying a home is quite stressful, especially when it comes to figuring out the budget based on the size of repayments that you can handle on a home loan. However, you can check out various websites and portals available that can help you with useful tips to make the entire home loan process easier and […]

Things to Know About Home Loan Interest Rates in Australia

August 13, 2018

When it comes to determining the true value of a home loan then the interest rate is considered as an imperative factor. Finding a home loan with a lower interest rate can save your thousands of dollars. Given below are some of the things that you should know about interest rates before applying for a […]

How to Choose the Suitable Home loan in Australia

August 8, 2018

Finding a suitable home loan takes lots of time and efforts. However, with some determination, you can get the right loan option to buy your dream house.To help you out, we have run down some of the things that you can follow to find the best deal: Compare the home loans  Make sure to compare […]

Answers to Common Questions about Home Loans in Australia

August 1, 2018

When it comes to applying home loan in Australia, make sure that you choose the right loan option that suits your requirements and affordability. Are you confused regarding the home loan process? If yes, then know the answers of the common questions that might be coming across your mind. Question 1: How can you find the […]

Five Strategies to Reduce Your Home Loan Burden

July 17, 2018

Have you bought your first house? If you answered yes, then you did a great job. Well obviously, buying a home is a big milestone in everyone’s life. If you have taken a loan for buying a house then you might also have incurred expenses, like your deposits of a home loan that you will […]

How to Achieve Your Goal of Buying a Home Even with Bad Credit Score

June 27, 2018

Buying a home is something that almost everyone desire to have. Certainly, it is an important decision in terms of money and financial matters. However, the financial status of every person varies and depends upon the income of a person. It is crucially imperative to maintain your good credit score in Australia. A good credit […]

6 Things You Should Follow To Get Rid of Home Loan Stress

May 30, 2018

Have you finally decided to buy your own house after renting for years? If so, then you might be very exciting. “Buying a house in Australia is one of the best investments that you can make” Undoubtedly, the financial decision of buying your home in Sydney, Australia is one of the most important decisions of […]

First Home Owner Grant in Australia- Best Scheme for First Time Homeowners

May 1, 2018

Buying your first home is an exciting and complex process. It is a dream of almost all the citizens living in Australia, to buy a home and raise their families. Most of the people choose to go for home loans to borrow money from lenders to buy home. Most of the lenders ask for a […]

4 Must-Know Ways to Pay-Off Home Loans Faster

March 27, 2018

Buying home in Australia is one of the financial investments. Most of the times people go for Home loans in Australia and look to pay off it as fast as possible in order to achieve the great freedom in financial. However, paying off the home loan faster, does not only decrease the overall term of […]

How to get a Home Mortgage with Bad Credit Score

February 22, 2018

The reasons behind bad credit score in financial record is not one. Factors that harm credit ratings include credit impairments, judgements, liens, bankruptcies, defaults and more. If you have a credit score less than 500, the lenders will consider you a high-risk borrower. While applying for a mortgage, one fear that usually come across the […]

While Buying Home for the First Time, Consider These

January 23, 2018

Are you buying your first home in Australia? Are you confused how to go about it? No worries, consider the below-mentioned tips that will help you to find the best. Being a starter, you need to decide these first– Where to buy- First, find the locality where you want to buy the home. Consider the […]

Use a Home Loan Calculator for Loan Related Calculations on Fingertips

January 4, 2018

In this digital era, the banking industry has discovered home loan servicing calculator that helps to calculate weekly, fortnightly and monthly repayments on a home loan. Many people have doubts related to the accuracy of the calculator. However, the calculation is fully dependent on the details that a borrower gives for consideration. There are various […]

Easy Tips for First Time Home Buyers with Bad Credit History

November 9, 2017

The first thing mortgage lenders consider before giving you a loan is your credit score. The credit score signifies your previous challenges and financial stability. And that’s why it becomes difficult to get a mortgage when you have bad credit score. When it comes to buying your dream house then it becomes essential to take […]

Tips That Can Help To Compare Home Loan Australia

October 5, 2017

While comparing the home loans, the first thing that most of the borrowers consider is the low interest rate. Although it is not only the interest rate that you need pay, there are many other features that are considered and needs to be paid by the borrower, such as application fee, monthly fee and many […]

Have a Quick Glance at the Effect of RBA Cash Rate on Your Home Loan

July 24, 2017

If you have every thought of buying a home loan, you might be aware of the fact that the interest rate has a great influence on how much you will pay for your home loan. Thus, it is important to be aware of the rates that your lender implements as it will solely determine your […]

Follow These Tips to Get a Home Loan in Australia Conveniently

June 26, 2017

At some point in life, everyone wishes to buy a house, but it is not easy to pay the whole amount at one time. Therefore, you have an option of home loan that can help you to live your dream. Buying your own property would be investment for you and this will make you free […]

Low Doc Home Loans –A Great Opportunity to Access the Mortgage for Self Employed

May 30, 2017

You might be quite aware of the process of getting approved for loan. Apply for the loan, provide your lender with the required documentation and get approved for it. What if you are self-employed? Can you provide your lender with the required documentation for a standard home loan? Does that mean that you should lose […]

Top 5 Ways to Speed up Paying off a Home Loan

May 17, 2017

The home loan is one of the big financial investments and people are looking to pay off it as fast as possible in order to achieve the great freedom in financial. Paying off the home loan faster does not only decrease the overall term of loan; it also save your money on interest in long […]

Low Doc Home Loans – The Quickest Way to Borrow Money Hassle-Free

March 22, 2017

If you have your own business and looking for loans but are not able to prove your income, then Low Doc home loans are there for you. Through these home loans, you can borrow money hassle free without being worried about the tax returns or financial statements. With these home loans, you need not to […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid If You Are Planning For a Home Loan for Buying a Property

September 14, 2016

If you want a home loan, you need to borrow it very carefully. If you end up choosing inappropriate loan for your mortgage, you will have to pay more for it. There are certain common mistakes which people usually undergo while choosing a home loan: Not researching before going for it: People usually prefer to […]

Get Your Dream Home with Hassle Free Mortgage Rates in Australia

June 30, 2016

After you have made the decision of buying a home, the next big thing that you have to do is to arrange for the loan. The process of finding the right home loan is tedious and drains a lot of your time, energy, and money. Hence, it is very important that you go through every […]

How Can You Negotiate For a Cheaper Home Loan?

June 15, 2016

Loans not only take a lot of time to be re-payed but also it takes away a huge portion of your hard-earned money with it. There is no harm to get the home finance from your current bank. Hence, you don’t mind paying a higher rate of rate of interest either. However, have you ever […]

Hit a Home Run with these Steps to Work Out Where to Invest

June 1, 2016

Not being so sure about where to invest is one certain reason that you’ll continue reading this blog. Of course, you must be interested in owning an investment property. But, are you aware which key questions to ask yourself in order to narrow down your choices? Okay, for sure, taking a pot shot on the […]

People’s Disbelief Regarding Home Loans Busted

May 23, 2016

Some find living with parents a bit old-fashioned or staying in a rented accommodation with friends to be out of style. For them, buying a new home could be the answer to all their woes. However, it’s not an easy nut to crack. It’s not always possible to buy a new home by paying upfront […]

At What Stage of Life Home Loan Works Best For You?

May 18, 2016

You might be doing well at this time in your life and most probably, you would be thinking to own a home through a home loan. At this stage in life, a home loan can provide you some unforeseen advantages and the biggest one is that it will be able to provide you with your […]

Home Loans Approvals in January Got a Dip

March 10, 2016

As per the latest data released by Australian Bureau of Statistics, home loans approval faced a downfall in the month of January of 1.6% moving to $11.4 billion. Also, owner-occupier loans drop by 3.9% in the month. Only 55,786 home loans were written in the month, even less than the expectations. In the mid of […]

Aussie Homeowners Mortgage Refinancing Rate Hits Record Levels

February 23, 2016

As per the analysis of consumer data, it can be seen that the mortgage refinancing becomes very frequent among Aussie homeowners, thereby reaching record levels. compiles the stats by ABS, that shows that almost 22,000 Australians refinanced their mortgages in December 2015. At this Bessie Hassan, consumer advocate at, says she expects that […]

Melbourne is On the Top for Housing Price Growth in the Past Decade

February 11, 2016

New home price data is released, that shows that the Australian capital cities housing price growth in the past decade was not up to the mark. All the capital cities are experience a dip in the home prices except Melbourne, where housing prices are still soaring. CoreLogic RP data released on Thursday shows that the […]

How to Avoid Defaulting On Your Mortgage Payments

February 9, 2016

You have been paying your mortgage attentively and on time, but lately faced some cash crunch resulting in financial hardships making it challenging to meet your mortgage payments. This is a common scenario experienced by lot of borrowers. If you are also the one struggling to meet your mortgage payments here are some tried & […]

6 Mortgage Health Checks You Should Perform On Your Own – Part I

January 25, 2016

As they say, change is the law of life. Quite similar is the case with the mortgage people’s situations, which certainly change over the passing time. Is your current home loan the most suitable option for you, as the situations are changing throughout? That must be your mere motive too. You must be, certainly, aware […]

Majority of Aussies are Planning to Buy a Home in 2016 – survey Reveals

January 22, 2016

A new survey has been done by Westpac-Melbourne Institute Survey of Consumer Sentiment, that shows more Australians are now keen to buy a property in 2016. As per the survey, it can be analysed that, this time Aussies are thinking to be the right time to plan a purchase as compared to the last year. […]

Housing Investors Continue to Get Back From the Property Market

January 13, 2016

Australian Finance Group carries out the survey, and calculated the mortage index that shows that the investor lending in property market continues to drop. The mortgage index was calculated for the final quarter of 2015, from which it can be seen that the investor lending that was previously at 40% is now dropped to 31%. […]

What all Costs are Involved When Refinancing a Mortgage? Let’s know…

January 11, 2016

Let’s start with some important facts – No Exit Fees – Since 2011, the Australian Government evaded the exit fee. However, mortgage registration fees may vary according to states. Additionally, mortgage discharge fees would vary between lenders and the title search charges would differ by states. If you are thinking to refinance your mortgage, these […]

Now You Have a Home Loan, So Why Not Start Loving It

December 28, 2015

You certainly would be feeling so good after buying your first home. Well obviously, that’s a big milestone in everyone’s life. However, you might also have incurred expenses, like your deposits as well as a home loan that you will be paying in regular instalments all the way to the end of the term. It’s […]

Demand For Fixed Rate Home Loans Australia Increases Again

December 9, 2015

Fixed rate mortgage demand that was getting down in last few months, got boosted again in the November month, as noted from the loan approval data collected by Mortgage Choice. As per the data, the fixed rate home loan demand increased by appromately 4 per cent in November 2015, thereby making a share of 17.39 […]

Majority of First Home Buyers Believes, Housing is Unaffordable

November 13, 2015

An annual first homebuyers survey has been done by Mortgage Choice, that shows, the majority among the first homebuyers counts the housing to be unaffordable. The figures collected shows that 80.6% people who are buying house for the first time thinks that buying the house is difficult to afford. At this Mortgage Choice chief executive […]

Fixed Rate Loans Demand Falling Day by Day

November 5, 2015

Fixed rate home loans demand in different states of Australian keeps on getting down, as in interest rates are unchanged since May rate cut. Home Loan approval data was released by Mortgage Choice, that showed that in the month of October, the fixed rate loan approvals were only 13.88 per cent, whereas in the last […]

Turned Down For a Home Loan? Here’s What You Can Do

October 26, 2015

Panicking because of a turned-down home loan application is natural. However, is that going to save you? Certainly, it is not. Therefore, it’s better to find out definite ways to get rid of the situation. For you to know, no lenders have the same criteria for mortgages. House hunting makes you learn that all lenders […]

Following Westpac and CBA, NAB also Increase Home Loan Rates

October 23, 2015

As the two major banks Westpac and Commonwealth Bank of Australia has made a variable rate home loan hike by 2 and 15 basis pints respectively, so following the two, NAB has also announced a increase in the home loan rates by 17 basis points. Following the above, the new NAB’s rate will be 5.6%, […]

Home Loan Interest Rates Hike by Major Australian Bank

October 14, 2015

As per an announcement on Wednesday major Australian bank Westpac has decided to increase its variable rates interest rates by 0.2% points, by which owner occupier loans will move to 5.68% and investor loans will move to 5.95% These rate changes will be implemented from November 20. At this Westpac said the changes were occurring […]

Home Loans Demand Peaked Up This August

October 12, 2015

The latest home finance data released by Australian Bureau of Statistics states that the housing loans demand got a steep hike this August, a highest in the last six years. Figures revealed shows that, in the month 55,677 home loans were approved, a 2.9 per cent increase from the last month. The home approvals figures […]

Three Wittiest Ways to Overcome Challenges Experienced in First Home Buying

September 30, 2015

Are you planning to buy a new home? How is it feeling? Probably, one of the most satisfying feelings one could experience in their entire lifetime. This chapter, the chapter of buying a new home shall be an incredible one. What say? Well, we know where you might encounter a pause in the journey of […]

Queries and Doubts of First Home Buyers in Australia

September 8, 2015

When does a person make his life’s biggest investment? Obviously, the biggest investment a person make in his lifetime is purchasing his own house. Thus, it becomes imperative to know about every aspect related to buying a home, before you write the final decision. In this piece of blog, we are going to answer those […]

Decreasing Concern of Aussies towards Fixed Rate Loans

September 3, 2015

It has been noted that Aussies now are showing less concern in fixed rate loans due to the current volatility of the home loan market. The data collected from mortgage choice shows that there were 17.4% fixed rate loans approved by them, whereas in July they were 18.5%, means there is a dip of 1.1%. […]

Any Idea about Pros & Cons of Interest-only Home Loans in Australia?

August 28, 2015

What’s an interest-only home loan? How is it different form its counterparts? Are there any benefits and pitfalls affecting a borrower? No more please! It’s enough for this piece of article to answer above questions that frequents in the minds of every potential borrower. For more detailed introspection, sit with a finance broker and discuss […]

Westpac Announces Home Loan Rebate Offer to Aussies

August 21, 2015

Westpac announced to initiate a home rebate campaign that will help Aussies to save over $1,000 on their owner-occupied loans. As a celebration of popular Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Sunday 27th September, the bank will be running this campaign from 24 August i.e. Monday. Under this promotion, the eligible borrowers can receive a […]

Fixed Rate Loan Demand Widens in July

August 11, 2015

In comparison to June 2015, the fixed rate loan demand rise in the month of July, seen from the data released by Mortgage Choice. As per the data the fixed rate home loans were accounted to 17.58 in month of June, where as they rose to 18.46 in July month. Mortgage Choice chief executive officer […]

Moving to a New House? Here’s a Checklist to Plan Your Move

August 10, 2015

Once you are done with buying a new home for your family and finally all set with the paperwork and formalities related to your home finance, then comes the time to move in. However, there are certain things that you need to take care of before you move in to your new home. To help […]

Australian Lenders Dropped Fixed Rate Loans to Historic Low

July 10, 2015

After the RBA’s last meeting of interest rates, the Australian lenders have dropped their fixed rate loans to historic lows. The effect can be seen from the Rate City’s interest rates comparison portal. One-year rates have fallen to 3.3 per cent while three-year rates have fallen to 3.99 per cent. At this financial analyst of […]

Predictions for Further Rates Cuts Boosts Variable Rate Loans

July 3, 2015

It is expected by many consumers that RBA will make further rate cuts in the coming month this year, as RBA governor have mentioned this thing in his previous statements that the further rate cuts will be there if required. This prediction makes more Aussies attracted towards variable rate loans. Home loan approval data released […]

Home Loans Gain a Rise of 1.0 per cent unexpectedly

June 9, 2015

All the major economists in Australia were expecting a 2.0 per cent fall in home loan approvals for the month, but the ABS statistics released today had left all of them in shock as the home loans gain a rise of 1.0 per cent. According to the data there were 53,951 approvals in April, compared […]

Aussies are attracted towards Fixed Rates Loans to Lock in Cheap Financing

June 4, 2015

As after the May rate cut, the interest rates are at historically low levels, so the Australians are more focused towards the fixed rate loans. As a result the fixed rate loans are getting a boost. Latest data revealed from Mortgage Choice showed that the fixed rate home loans increased from 17.91 per cent to […]

Good News for First Time Home Buyers – FHOG is Open for the Time Being

May 28, 2015

Here is a good news for first home buyers, the FHOG that was previously discussed to be scrapped in WA is now open for some time. All the new home buyers were completely disappointed with the state government’s decision to scrap the $3,000 grant for established homes, but now for the time being they can […]

Australia Home Loans at $1.3tn in First Quarter of 2015

May 27, 2015

As per the figures collected by APRA, it has been found that the home loans in Australia have got a $1.3tn reach in the first quarter of this year. Even the expectations are still more as owner occupiers and investors are likely to gain strong property returns. The report, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)’s […]

Things that Affect Property Market of Australia – Part II

May 22, 2015

This blog is in continuation to the one written earlier under the same title and the introduction. Australia’s economy is at its best, where in interest rates are running quite low, people look at this as an opportunity to invest in property and eventually save some in total repayment. However, there are several different aspects […]

Things that Affect Property Market of Australia – Part I

May 20, 2015

Australia’s economy is at its best, where in interest rates are running quite low, people look at this as an opportunity to invest in property and eventually save some in total repayment. However, there are several different aspects of Australian economy that’s directly affecting the property market. According to the quarterly CommSec State of States […]

2015-16 WA Budget Eliminated First Home Owner Grant for Established Housing

May 18, 2015

According to the new budget of WA, FHOG is scrapped out for established housing. This news has dealt a blow to first home buyers. “This was done by state government so as to fulfil their desire to focus financial support on residential construction”, said Treasurer Mike Nahan. He said, “The $3,000 first home owner grant […]

Here’s a list of Grants and Benefits Offered in Melbourne, Australia

March 24, 2015

For someone with low-income and living in any of the Australian states or cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, etc., this piece of article will help to know about all the different grants and benefits you can avail. These monetary advantages are brought in place to help to counterbalance some bills and put some cash in […]

Homebuyers Bidding High on Home Auctions to Freeze the Deals before Holiday Season Kicks-Off

December 17, 2014

According to Core Logic RP data, Sydney, homebuyers in selected areas are bidding hundreds of thousands of dollars above seller expectations. Data figures showed over 1,259 auctions in the last week with an auction clearance rate of 71.2 per cent. It was shared that, weekend’s topmost auction remained Number 28 Collingwood Avenue in Earlwood with […]

Financial Tips for First Time Home Buyers

November 26, 2014

Being a first time homebuyer can be an overwhelming process. It is like a baby learning how to start walking. To assist you through your journey of first stage of planning your dream home to the final stage of laying down foundation is a complex process involving lot of procedures to be followed, things to […]

The 4 Mistakes of First Home Buyers

November 12, 2014

Buying your home for the first time is a stepping-stone to your dream and involves lot of emotions and excitement, but at the same time, entire process can be daunting. To overcome some common missteps that first- time home buyers take; have a look at the points given below. Stretching the budget too far – […]

Suburban House Vs. City Apartment – Where to live in Australia?

November 11, 2014

While looking for a home you might get confused whether to select the Suburban house that is at some distant apart from CBD or go for a city apartment. Here are some important factors to consider that will definitely help you to sort out this dilemma in the meantime and eliminates the confusion from your […]

Planning to Buy a Home at Auction? Read the Expert Tips to Make Bidding Strategy

November 11, 2014

So, you have just started the overwhelming process of hunting house and trying every possible means be it online or inspecting property with real estate agents, to get the best deal. However, now you want to try your hands on one of the most popular method of buying property that is auction. However, you are […]

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