Commercial Loans

These days there are so many varied and different options when it comes to commercial finance.

Rates and fees vary dramatically between the various lenders, so it may be a great time to compare your commercial finance, to see if there is a more cost effective option for your business.

Commercial Property Finance

Commercial Property Finance

Buying your commercial property?
Let us lend a guiding hand

With a wide variety of lenders to choose from, and many different loan structuring options, it may be a great time to contact Loans Direct to discuss your financing needs. Whether you are purchasing a new commercial property, or wanting to compare your current commercial finance arrangements, a call or email to us may help you save money and increase your business cash flow.

Equipment Finance

Equipment Finance

Buying equipment for your business?
We understand what businesses need

As your business grows, there maybe a need to increase your productivity. New or updated equipment for your business, may help you business run more efficiently, thus increasing productivity. With Loans Direct, we can look at different financing options including leasing, hire purchase and chattel mortgages to suit your business financing needs. We can arrange finance over a wide variety of commercial equipment, at very competitive rates.

Vehicle Finance

Vehicle Finance

Need a business vehicle?

If your business needs finance for motor vehicles, Loans Direct can help. With many lenders to choose from, and different financing options at very competitive interest rates, we can help secure that new business vehicle for you.

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