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Your New Home Purchase Needs a Conveyancer to:
  • Legally gain full title rights of the property
  • Manage legal documentations and real estate transactions
  • Educate you with the home buying process and Australian laws
  • Help you in finding the right mortgage solution that suits your needs
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Reliable Conveyancing services in Melbourne
Why LoansDirect?

We are a team of property experts and licensed conveyancers in Melbourne, Australia who provide assistance in matters related to:

  • Searching land, titles, main roads and council property
  • Contracts for sale or purchase of land
  • Property settlements and negotiations
  • Auction enquiries and contract review
  • Finding suitable opportunities for financing
  • First time home buyers and the First Home Owners Grant
  • Mortgages, refinancing and payments of fees and charges

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Why would you need a Conveyancer?

When you purchase a property, your conveyancer will:

  • Ensure successful transactions and transfers between parties, including payment of stamp duty, etc.
  • Do the necessary research about the property, including utility services
  • Handle all council negotiations, paperwork, etc.
  • Always work to protect your legal interests

When you sell a property your Conveyancer will:

  • Help you to find and assess a buyer
  • Update you with current property rates
  • Ensure all legal documentation is completed by the buyer
  • Handle all the queries of the buyer about the title of property
  • Manage the contract for sale and prepare the transfer documents

The entire process of conveyancing includes three stages – Before Contract, Before Completion and After Completion.

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How much does Conveyancing cost?

Whether you are buying or selling a property, Loans Direct provides conveyancing services at competitive rates. However, there are certain costs associated with transfer of property that will be informed to you beforehand to act further on your behalf. Our licensed conveyancers can help you evaluate the costs as well as cut down on additional expenses.

The cost of conveyancing is governed by a variety of factors and state-wise property transactions like:

  • State-specific Stamp Duty
  • Professional Service Fees
  • Transfer Registration Fees
  • Government Searches
  • Disbursements

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