Credit Repair

Been turned down for a loan due to a bad credit history? Now with our help you can actually repair your credit. Talk to us and we will consult with you to assess your current situation. We’ll present you options that will help you get out of debt or get you a loan approval. We will even provide you a FREE Credit Report to assess your credit rating.
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Credit Repair: What we do
Our Credit Repair Process

Its starts with a FREE Consultation and by obtaining a copy of your credit report to understand your individual situation first by doing a thorough analysis of your financial health and then tailor a plan with the right options to help you take control. Since, inception, we helped several individuals so far in removing negative listings from their credit report and in increasing their credit score.

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Yes! That’s true. We will get a copy of your credit report and review it to assess your credit health. Thereafter, we will discuss with you the ways to improve your credit rating. At the end, we will provide a quote for the necessary credit repair services in Australia.

Research and Analysis

Our work starts by gathering all the information about the listing on your credit report and ask your creditor to provide documentation on your account. Using the information provided by you and your creditor and referring back to Credit Reporting and Industry Law, we audit the credit provider’s compliance.

Follow up and Response

Based on our research and findings, we draft a complaint to your creditor and follow up where necessary. If required, we escalate the complaint to relevant higher authorities. If the complaint proves that the listing was placed on your credit file unlawfully, then the creditor is advised to remove the listing from your credit report.

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How much time does it take?

In a majority of cases we aim for a 45 to 60 day period for credit repair process and result. However, the time required to remove your specific default will depend on –

  • Particular details relating to your application, including the proof required to support claims
  • The mutual aid we receive from your creditors
  • Total number of issues to resolve as present in your application
  • Time required in complex legislation procedures relating to your specific defaults

There are no guarantees that the listing on your credit file will be removed. Although, we have a good success rate in removing listings, none of the normal guarantees or duration will apply.

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