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FYI – Here’s How to Manage Late Payments in Small Businesses

March 29, 2016

Late payments are a universal menace. While not only the company stays behind on its suppliers payments, it causes a mammoth effect on the supply chain too. No wonder this may lead the company or the firm completely out of business.

Financial buffer shall be in a continuous flow. While many businesses tend to overlook the cash flow, it rather should be a priority for all the companies, for it is the key to a financial buffer that runs smoothly and easily.

Right here, we’ve listed certain tips and tricks that can help you manage the late payments in your small business. Read on to know them all.

Never Let the Payment Terms Remain Ambiguous

Oft times, companies forget to feature on all the contracts and invoices to the clients and the said customers in the credit policy. Are you one of them? If yes, just assuming that the payment will land on your hand right after 30 days. For better results, start defining your payment terms on an ongoing basis.

Avoid Having Disputed Invoices

Perfect the invoicing the better it is. A perfect invoicing can be done by stating the goods and services that are being paid for clearly. Not only this, also, quote any order numbers, if any, wherever it’s possible.

Keep the Contacts Intact

The person held responsible for the invoicing shall be asked if they need the invoicing in email or posted. This way there’s no misplaced paperwork and thus no late payments.

Always Have a Backup Plan

As long as the funding in small businesses is concerned, there’s no compromise in keeping the cash flow super-fluent. Research for back up funding. Do not let the business sink when you can still keep it afloat.

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