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Get Effective Conveyancing Services with PEXA

December 20, 2017

Do you want to ensure a quick, hassle-free property transaction in Melbourne? If so, conveyancing service is the best option for you in Melbourne. It is a simple process of transferring the ownership or title from seller to buyer. A conveyancer conducts the required searches and investigations on the property on your behalf. Some more things that you can expect from a conveyancer include checking the current property rates in the area, completing all the required paperwork, and interacting with the buyer to address queries and concerns they may have related to the property and more.
Usually, while choosing Conveyancing Services in Melbourne, it is essential to check for the following-

  • Settlement time
  • Fees for all the services
  • Additional services cost
  • Ballpark figure of fees and cost
  • Government fees and charges
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers

Keeping these points in mind will help you find best conveyancer for your property purchase.
Now you can also choose e-conveyancing that has quickly replaced the paper based property transaction due to its cost and time saving benefits. The system is known as ‘PEXA’ system and is a great step towards 100% digital future.

With PEXA system, you get benefits such as –

  1. Fast Processing – The whole process becomes fast with PEXA as there is no time spent for preparing documents. Moreover, there is no chance of settlement procedure being delayed.
  2. Easy Accessibility – E-conveyancing is accessible anytime from anywhere.
  3. Secured Payments – The payments are more secured and easy to organize as compared to bank cheques.
  4. Fixed Fee – The charges of PEXA are fixed for both buyer and seller, which reduce the chances of additional fee.

Thus, if you are in Melbourne and searching for Property Conveyancing, choose e-conveyancing with PEXA system.

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