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Protecting Your Interests & Rights While Buying or Selling a Property

Who’s a Conveyancer?

Conveyancer is someone who make you understand the need and importance of transferring the title of the property including all types of documentation and investigation of the property. At Loans Direct, our experienced conveyancer service as per your requirements and assist you to meet your legal onuses and at the same time, will guard your rights and interests while buying or selling a property in Melbourne, Australia.

No matter you are buying a property or selling one, a conveyancer conducts required searches and investigations on the property, on your behalf. Inclusively, you can expect a conveyancer in Australia doing variety of things for you, such as –

  • A Conveyancer will facilitate in title search
  • Will manage the settlement statements
  • Communicate with mortgage providers and financial brokers
  • Perform all the calculation and adjustments of rates and taxes
  • Find government departments and local authorities
  • Management, preparation and stamping of legal documents

You can contract the services of a conveyancer if you’re buying or selling a property. The earlier you Contact a Melbourne Conveyancer, the better it is.

What’s the Need of a Conveyancer?

Conveyancing is a simple process of transferring the ownership or title from seller to buyer. If you think that such a simple process can be done by yourself, it will eventually save hundreds of dollars if everything goes well. If it doesn’t, you will wish that you had hired a reasonably priced conveyancer or solicitor. A licensed conveyancer is legally entitled to do conveyancing on your behalf and are well qualified to help you through the buying process.

While buying a property, a Conveyancer in Melbourne will -

  • Make sure that all the transactions and transfers of property between parties goes successful
  • Carry out the necessary research about the property, including utility services, neighbourhood and more
  • Handle all council negotiations, paperwork, etc.
  • Always work to protect your legal interests

While selling a property, a Conveyancers in Melbourne will -

  • Look for a suitable buyer for your property
  • Check with the current property rates in the area
  • Make sure that the buyer of the property completes all the required paperwork
  • Interact with the buyer for his queries and concerns related to your property
  • Do the preparation of property transfer documents and contract of sale

How to Find a Good Conveyancer?

Before you select a conveyancer ask these questions -

  • How much time will the settlement take?
  • What all services are included in the fees?
  • Will there be any additional services cost?
  • What are your fees and charges? Any ballpark figure?
  • Will I be updated on things happening towards my interest?
  • Are you a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers?
  • How much will be the government fees and charges I have to pay?

If you are willing to buy or sell a property anywhere in Melbourne, Contact Us now.

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