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Moving House? 3 Things can help to Protect Your Credit Score?

February 23, 2015

Ask anyone who moved house in the recent past, their faces would tell you exactly about the experience and after effects. Pointing out to stressful time, chaos and missing some petty things to be taken care of, moving house can be as hectic as going through a break up! Later to their surprise, those over looked things show up as a default or judgement, like non-payment of a bill, on their credit file.

To dodge such circumstances, we are going to share three things for you to follow, before you move. It will help you to avoid any payment default and to ensure a cleaner credit history too.

  • Before you plan to move out, start by contacting service providers like your bank, lender, utility service provider (gas, water, phone & electricity), etc. and let them know that you are moving and there will be a change of address. If you have the new address, get it updated on their records as soon as possible.
  • If you rented the current house you are living in, then spend some time to review the contract and carefully tick off all the ‘end of lease’ terms and requirements mentioned on it. Enlist the items you shopped around like a carpet, closet or house cleaner, this may help you save few hundred dollars.
  • Taking care of the above two things are quite important that will take some good hours from your everyday time. Ideally, the easiest and the best way to make sure that you get your bills and mails is getting them re-directed. For this, you can submit an online redirecting mail request on the official site of Australian postal services.

There could be some more things that you might have to take care before you move house. However, the above 3 things will help you from bad credit score or a bad mark on your credit report. If you are already shaking hands with the trouble after moving house and missing payments that now showed up on your credit file, get help from the credit repair experts at Loans Direct. To help you fix your bad credit history and become credit fit again, all you have to do is to call at 03-9819-4656.

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