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No Doc/Low Doc Loan–The Best Option for Self-Employed

No Doc Home Loans Australia

Are you self-employed and worried about loan application rejection due to low document availability? If so, then Low Doc Loan Australia is there to help you in times of need. The best part of low doc/no doc home loan is you may not require showing any proof of income. Whether it is home or car, you can buy anything with no doc/low doc loan options.

  • No Doc/Low Doc Home Loans
    There are lenders who offer low doc home loans for people who want to buy their dream home. Even you as a No Doc/Low Doc Home Loan applicant, you will get the same loan features and privileges as people applying for standard home loans. A No Doc/Low Doc home loan allows you to borrow an amount up to 80% of the value of the property. You can take a Standard Variable Rate Home Loan or a Fixed Rate Home Loan or even split your loan amount between the two.
  • Low Doc/No Doc Car Loans
    To buy a car, Low Doc Loans in Melbourne is a convenient option for borrowers with limited or less documents that are generally required and enclosed with the car loan application while applying. No Doc Car Loans is quite similar to low doc car loan, but the only difference is that you do not need to provide any income proof. As a borrower, you will be asked to sign affordability statement to ensure the repayment and confirm the affordability of debt.

Now, even if you are self-employed, with irregular income sources or run your own business, make you dreams come true with no doc/low doc loan options. A professional broker take the hassle out and give you the most suitable car finance option that saves money.

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