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Opt for Energy Efficient Cars and Get Discounted Loans

July 9, 2015

Aussies opting for energy efficient cars in Australia will soon be getting discounts on loans, after a $50 million agreement was struck.

As an initiative towards green environment, to reduce emissions including building upgrades and solar installations, some Australian lenders named Firstmac and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation have relied upon the agreement that they will offer low rate loans upon the financing of a green car.

Firstmac managing director Kim Cannon said, “Around $25 million would be spent on cheaper loans for environmentally-friendly cars”.

He further added, “We anticipate the agreement will provide loans for several thousand low-emission vehicles, as well as finance for installing solar power and energy efficient business equipment“.

As per the agreement, the cars that will emit less will be available for financing at a rate of just 6 per cent. Variety of vehicles are covered under this scheme. If we talk about the numbers then these are more than 600. All the passenger vehicles that emit 141 grams or less carbon dioxide will be covered under the scheme. For UTES and vans, to be eligible they are required to emit no more than 188 grams.

In this way, more people will have access to clean energy products, said Environmental group the Climate Council while welcoming this announcement.

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