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Suburban House Vs. City Apartment – Where to live in Australia?

November 11, 2014

While looking for a home you might get confused whether to select the Suburban house that is at some distant apart from CBD or go for a city apartment. Here are some important factors to consider that will definitely help you to sort out this dilemma in the meantime and eliminates the confusion from your mind.

  • More Space vs. More Time
    If you want an ample space, than you can choose the suburb areas where the space of the property enough to build your dream home with all luxurious facilities or amenities. However, you may spend much of your time in commuting as these areas are at some distant from CBD. On the other hand, to save your time city apartment are the best option.
  • Cost of Commuting
    If the cost of commuting is the biggest factor, then you should opt for city apartments that are nearest to CBD. Also, do not forget to consider the maintenance of your vehicle that incur in regular commuting along with petrol, train/ferry/bus fares and tolls. You can multiply all these factors with number of years you want to live in that area. Then you can easily figure out how expensive to choose property in suburbs, even after the initial price is low as compared to the price of apartment in the city.
  • Family First
    You can self-assess yourself and your family whether they are comfortable to live in ample space based home located in suburbs or can manage their lifestyle in small city apartments. Also, consider the time that you may spend in commuting in case of any medical emergency.
  • Apart from these options, people prefer locations or areas to make a dwelling according to their affordability and requirements. Several banks and lending institutions offer financial aids to buy or build a new home. It is wise to seek assistance from a financial expert or broker firm if you are looking for affordable home loan interest rates.
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