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Sydney Listed among the World’s Most Economically Powerful Cities for Property Investment

April 17, 2015

A study by Martin Prosperity Institute and Citylab, using metrics like overall economic influence, equity and quality of life, financial power and global competitiveness showed Sydney among the top 25 of the most economically powerful cities in the world. Being the only Australian city to find a place on the list, New York still stands atop the ranks. People who are willing to stake in the investments in properties worldwide, Sydney attracts many. To successfully make an investment in properties like homes, business spaces, etc., mortgage brokers in Sydney are proving to be of great help for outsiders as well as the residents.

Additionally, the list includes Hong Kong, London and Tokyo in first, second and third places, Singapore and Seoul also found listed in the top ten.

So what do most foreign investors are searching for?

According to a report from Roy Morgan Research, it shows that in Melbourne, News Corp’s and Herald Sun listings are searched by almost a million people in an average week, with Fairfax’s Domain and printed publication. The Age receiving less than half the number. However in Sydney Domain falls just 8,000 home hunters behind News Corp.

Who bats on use of super for homes?

The Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull says – he is not contradicting his colleagues, including the Treasurer and Prime Minister, in saying that using superannuation funds for housing deposits is “a thoroughly bad” idea. Turnbull made the comments in response to Joe Hockey’s proposal but says that they were not a criticism of the treasurer. He says that ideas like these come around from time to time and warrant debate and opinion.

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