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Things to Keep In Mind before Buying a Car Privately

April 4, 2016

After your home, the car is the second important purchase you can make. Nowadays, the internet has made it so easy for you to search the history and availability of the car, which thereby includes previous damages also. However, before making a decision for buying a car, make sure you know the following points:

  • Plan a budget: Never exceed beyond your limit, make a habit of planning every minor detail on which you are willing to spend, this includes regular maintenance, running costs and insurance. Without planning can ruin your bank account.

  • Compare: Never make an immediate decision when it comes to price. Make sure you are paying an appropriate price for your car, mileage, and model that you are thinking to buy.

  • Research: Always read reviews of the car you are considering. If you are looking for a current model, then find out when the next model is launching. If you think that the car, which you are looking forward to buy, is not the right choice for you, then no one is stopping you from researching more.

  • Ask questions: Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the history of the car you are thinking to purchase: for how long the seller owned/ used the car? Why are they selling the car?, Has it even been damaged in an accident?, Are there any major repairs that have been done before?, Where did they buy this car? Is this car safe to drive on roads, especially when it is raining? And many others.

  • Double check: The car’s history and mileage are two things, which need to be checked on a regular basis. Ask your mechanic to check your car, which you are purchasing just to make sure there are no hidden costs or damages. Some things will include: check your car in the daylight so that you won’t miss any dents, rust or body marks, always check the oil level and oil marks underneath, most importantly, check the tyres and wheel balancing of the car.

  • Test Drive: Take a test drive on the roads you are comfortable with. Prefer starting the car with a cold engine just to check the smoke.

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