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Top 10 Tips to Get Best Commercial Property Loan

Commercial Property Loan

While applying for commercial property loan in Australia, the business owners need to consider many things to find most suitable commercial loan option. We have run down some of the tips for the business owners that would make their loan application stand out and find best commercial loan option –

  1. Prior research - Surf the internet to explore various potential lenders offering commercial property finance in your area. Then, compare them to find out the most suitable lender for you.
  2. Discuss with lenders – Once you have finalized the potential lender for your loan, you can do the meeting with the lender to discuss your business project in detail.
  3. Complete Loan Application – While filling the loan application, make sure you fill it in right way and completely. You can take assistance from loan officer but do not rely fully on them.
  4. Get a credit report – The bank usually ask for credit report before lending money. The credit report should be accurate and clean.
  5. Smartly negotiate the interest rate – Negotiating the interest rate is imperative and after exploring the market regarding the current rates, you might be aware of the lowest interest rate. Thus, do not over negotiate and prefer to maintain long-term relationship with bank.
  6. Inquiry for additional fees – Make sure to ask the lender regarding the additional fees before. You can ask the bank for a cap on fees, if possible.
  7. Tax Documents – Keep all the business tax return documents with you while applying for commercial property mortgage as bank can ask for it.
  8. Financial Statements –The bank may ask you to show the business financials. You can provide the financial reports to the bank even before they ask.
  9. Project your business professionally – Through your loan application, bank is going to judge your business. Thus, project your business professionally in a smart way.
  10. Communicate Your Advisor regularly- You should connect the advisor regularly, so that advisor can be with you at the time of answering the bank’s questions.

These are some of the tips, that would be beneficial for you while applying for commercial property loan in Australia.

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