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Top 3 Financial Scams of Australia in 2014

December 23, 2014

Email scams remained one of the most widely used methods of targeting Australians wherein scammers used name and logos of the companies. One such incident took place in Auguust 2014, wherein scammers use to send emails to customers with the name of Australia Post’s logo and asked them to collect their parcel from the near by post office. To justify this incident to customers, an Australian Post spokesperson said “Australia Post does not request customers to send payment for parcel collection nor do we charge customers for holding a parcel,”“If you receive this email, please delete it.”

Second scam that took place was in November 2014 in New South Wales, wherein many residents received an email claiming to be from NSW office of State Revenue (OSR) or State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) which as ked them to make payment for some traffic infringement comitted by them recently. However, to clarify this to people of NSW, OSR Commissioner of Fines Adminstration, Tony Newbury said, “neither the OSR nor SDRO issue fines and penalty notices via email. He further added
This is a very sophisticated attack and while the scam emails and prompts may look genuine, they are 100 per cent fake and I urge people not to pay these fraudulent fines,” he said at the time.

Third financial scam was wherein utility companies were targeted, in June, 2014, Energy Australia, was targeted. In this case, customers were receiving an email which asked them to click on a link to view their bill. The link redirected to a website adress that was not officially operated by the company and created risk of having their PR infected with malware.

These three were the top financial scams of austrailia that took place in 2014, to combat these omnipresent scams in December 2014, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) sent out 1500 letters to people in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory in an attempt to stop them sending more money to scammers overseas.

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