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5 Ways to Speed up Paying off a Home Loan

Top 5 Ways to Speed up Paying off a Home Loan

May 17, 2017

The home loan is one of the big financial investments and people are looking to pay off it as fast as possible in order to achieve the great freedom in financial. Paying off the home loan faster does not only decrease the overall term of loan; it also save your money on interest in long term.

Now you can have some efficient way to pay off your home loan quickly through Mortgage Brokers Brisbane.

Here is the list of top 5 ways for paying off your bad credit home loan or no deposit home loan quickly:

  • Refinance Loan to Lower Interest RateThe lower interest rate home loans mean the lower amount of total repayments. Refinance your loan to the lower interest rate is the best idea of saving money on interest in thousands of dollars after few years.
  • Pay More FrequentlyMake your repayment of home loan more frequently such as every fortnight rather than pay it in monthly basis. In a year, you will pay 26 times (13 months) which is extra one time than the monthly basis (12 months).
  • Run An Offset AccountInstead of earning interest, any money you have in your offset account works to offset the interest of home loan. If both home loan and offset account have the same rate of interest, it is 100% offset.
  • Make Extra PaymentsThis is the simplest way to speed up your home loan payoff. By paying additional amounts on your regular repayments, you will be able cutting off the term of home loan and saving your pocket.
  • Keep The Repayment SamePay the same amounts of charges for regular repayment even the interest rate is dropped. Every dollars and cents is counted for paying off the home loan quickly.
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