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Commercial Property in Australia

Want to Invest in a Commercial Property in Australia? Get Help to Get Ready!

February 16, 2015

Investors choose to invest in commercial property to generate returns, expand their property portfolios and as an alternative to earn by renting the premises. If you are the one waiting for some motivating information to help you make a choice with Low Doc Business Loans Australia, this blog is going to show the benefits and differences between commercial loans and residential loans.

A commercial property includes retail premises like shops and supermarkets, office spaces, business centres, warehouses and hotels. Owning a commercial property also offers tax advantages to the investors adding diverse properties in their portfolios.

However, just like any venture, there are ifs and buts to be taken care of by the investor. Although, commercial properties has many similarities to residential ones, there are certain key differences.

One of the key differences be likely to to be around the interval of the lease period. Residential are for 6 to 12 months term, whereas, the commercial property owners appreciate longer occupancies because it reflects favourability of the property.

Moreover, the maintenance and repair costs are likely to be higher for a commercial property as compared to the residential, if it houses a lift or air-conditioning units.

Most lenders offer Low Doc Commercial Loans and in most cases, the features of the loan offered are quite similar to a home finance, such as free redraws. The only factor to focus is to ask the lender to explain all the conditions, loan aspects, charges and fees.

Searching a commercial property to invest might be easy, but its purchase is not. Get the right experts to help you through the commercial property financing and its process. Commercial property is not an asset that you just purchase and sit back. Scenarios and conditions change, especially the economic ones, thus, it is imperative to stay updated.

Loans Direct is a group of leading mortgage brokers in Australia specialising in home loans, commercial loans, and other financial services. If you need any assistance in commercial property investment or financing, get in touch with the experts.

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