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Want to Know How Your Australian Spouse Can Help You Get Home Loan. Then Read This…

July 6, 2015

There are people who are waiting to get a mortgage and buy their dream home in Australia. However, they are quite unaware of the ways and means through which they can make their dream come true. One such ways is through an Australian spouse.

    • Are you a non-resident?
    • Are you married to an Australian citizen?
    • Then you can buy your dream home and apply for a home loan too.
    • There are financial lenders in Australia who accepts home loan application from people on a temporary spouse visa.

All it takes is that you should be a temporary spouse visa holder and must buy the property with your Australian spouse. However, if you apply for a loan without your Australian spouse, the lenders would refuse to offer you a home loan. According to some lenders, your relationship with your spouse must have lasted for a significant amount of time to accept your home loan application.

There are banks in Australia that also accepts de facto relationship and including same sex relationship with an Australian citizen or a permanent resident for loan application. In such cases, the banks will accept the following spouse visa subclasses –

      • Partner Visa (Temporary or Permanent) (Subclass 309/100).
      • Partner Visa (Temporary or Permanent) (Subclass 820/801).
      • Other visa types – Spouses on other temporary visa such as a 457 Visa or 485 Visa, may also be accepted.

Moreover, your current visa status can also make you eligible buy a home in Australia with your fiancé. If you are on a Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300) and sponsored by an Australian citizen then you can buy a home together with your fiance.

Being able to buy a home in Australia with an Australian spouse will also require –

      • A good credit history without any defaults
      • A good work history, regular income and savings
      • 5% of deposit amount from the total price of the home
      • Additional money to pay for stamp duty and other government fees

If you still need help to know if you qualify for a home loan with your Australian Spouse, seek help of our loan specialists.

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