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What are the 3 Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Commercial Truck?

May 30, 2019

In a trucking business, you can be in a situation anytime when you need to buy trucks instantly.

Not having instant cash? No need to worry you can buy commercial trucks in Australia with the help of truck finance no deposit.

To help you out, here some of the tips are given for buying commercial trucks:

  1. Buying a New truck vs. Used truck

Indeed, the cost of a second-hand truck is lower than the price of a new one but does not guarantee it will cost less to run. Always consider that stamp duty and interest rates are comparatively higher on used trucks. Insurance costs may be more depending on the history of the driver. On the other hand, a new truck requires a higher cost up-front that will eventually save money on yearly maintenance.

  1. Check the Fuel Economy

For better on-road Fuel Economy, you can buy a truck with some of the features such as select truck model, which is aerodynamic and give you a better fuel economy.

A truck with a sleeper package is suitable for the trailers being hauled, roof fairing, chassis fairings, cab extenders and aerodynamic mirrors. Lighter tare weight components can reduce the amount of horsepower needed. Thus, you may also be able to increase your payload capacity. The matched set of tyres will improve fuel efficiency.

  1. Make Sure to Compare Rates

It is important to compare cost while choosing a commercial truck. Undoubtedly, it is the biggest consideration that should be done on the Life-Cycle cost or the total expense to bear during the entire life of the truck.

After comparing the cost and finalizing the truck, you are ready to buy the truck. If you do not have enough cash flow to buy the trucks, then apply for a truck loan.

For help, you can contact a trusted broker who will help you to explore various options for truck finance such as no doc truck loans, bad credit truck loans and more from top Australian lenders. These are just a few truck loan options available in Melbourne that you can avail according to your situation.

The above-mentioned tips will help you to get the best possible option for buying the truck.

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