Why do I need the help of a broker?

Why do I need the help of a broker?

At Loans Direct Australia, a loan officer (mortgage broker) helps you in various ways, such as –

Evaluating financial capabilities of a customer :

Firstly, a mortgage broker will discuss the needs and possibilities based on client’s financial credentials like pay slip, bank statements, tax returns, outstanding loans, debts, credit history, income, liabilities, etc.

Find appropriate loan for the client :

Your mortgage broker will search for number of offers and compare various deals offered by the banks and other major lenders. Sometimes, your broker may amaze you with latest comparative deals that are not available elsewhere. A detailed comparison eventually helps you choose the best available option.

Handle the entire process :

After the selection of the potential lender, in case you wish to continue with the mortgage broker, he will help you with all the necessary paperwork and liaise with the lender, on your behest.

Follow up at all stages :

A professional mortgage broker will help and follow up with his clients at every stage starting from the pre-approval to the settlement stage.