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Wondering How Can You Prevent a Bad Credit in Small Business? Here’s the Way!

October 19, 2015

Bad credit has been a common financial problem in small and medium enterprises since ages. One single factor cannot be considered as the reason. However, definitely we can list some certain things which are the main reasons causing bad credit.

Notably enough, cash flow problems; the total amount of money being transferred into and out of an enterprise, especially when they affect the liquidity, is one of the main reasons that SMEs end up with a bad credit.

At the same time, cash flow problems have many troubles hidden within. For instance, there can be many reasons that cash flow problems occurred in the first place. The reasons can or cannot be apparent.

Therefore, for any small business, not ending up facing a situation with bad credit is a crucial situation. If you’re wondering how you can prevent a bad credit in your small business, there are a few methods, which are a little bit, hard, but equally fruitful. Have a look-

  • One of the biggest reasons that the problem of bad credit arises is the payment. Get back the money your customers owe to you. There must be many clients out there, who must have delayed the payment. You should focus on getting all the debts collected.

  • The other way round, just check whether you owe money to your suppliers. Maximise your window while you pay them. You can do that by getting an extension with no extra cost, in case of some suppliers. You can also manage your cash flow in a way that your stock is not overloaded on merchandise. It should be your topmost priority turning over the stock, regardless the size of the business.

  • Further, we know that rising costs may trouble you. They possibly affect the small business comparatively even more. But, sigh! You can ask your suppliers about rebates for buying in bulk or getting discounts in case you are paying early for the stock. Try to shop around for the best prices.

  • It would be a good financial decision if you shun hesitation and call up your bank to ask about a review regarding the loans you’ve taken before. This will prevent the bad credits pile up. Moreover, there is a regular change in taxation laws and business rules. The changes in the rules and regulations in taxation or business come with a great impact on the cash flow. But you can stay updated by subscribing newsletters from your local business networks. This way you can cope up with the latest amendments.

Lastly, take a good financial management decision if the interest rates in the market are going low. It’d be a great time to negotiate with a lender for bad credit loan at that point of time. Otherwise, the interest rates may rise and you will end up troubled. Plan wisely!

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